Muay Thai In America

Muay Thai In America is the brand under which the (IMTF) International Muay Thai Federation and Atma’Sphere Entertainment will produce / promote International Muay Thai fight competitions.

In Search Of America’s Muay Thai Team

The new reality show, “In Search Of America’s Muay Thai Team” is currently in production. The International Muay Thai Federation is promoting a series of (6) traditional Thai Camps and (4) live Muay Thai fighting competitions as part of the first season of Muay Thai In America’s new reality show.”

Upcoming MTIA Events

In Honor of the King
18 of the best Muay Thai fighters
Saturday, December 1, 2012
Direct TV: 121 HD | 104 3D | 122 SD

$34.95 HD/SD | $24.95 SD

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